Episode 6 – Dad Talking Dads

Rob Hale host of podcast Dad-Ability joins Dr Lisa Interligi and Kristine Christopoulos to explore experiences of dads of children with all types of disabilities. Rob shares about his personal emotional journey with raising his son Leo, and how this brought him to a breaking point. Rob has used this to connect and support other fathers. This is a special conversation not to be missed.

Episode 5 – Talking ADHD

Hosts Dr Lisa Interligi and Kristine Christopoulos chat with Professor Mark Bellgrove about ADHD – what it is, how the condition is diagnosed, gender differences and heritability. Mark is Director of Research at the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, and a Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience at Monash University.

Episode 4 – Golf Glue

Darrell Dalton, ex nurse for acquired brain injury and senior PGA member, turned running the largest golf program for people with intellectual disabilities.
Not-for-profit Golf Programs Australia Inc is also an affiliate of the Special Olympics program. Darrell is joined by partner Michelle to chat about how the program works, the health and social benefits of playing golf.

Episode 3 – Special

Hosts Dr Lisa Interligi and Kristine Christopoulos welcome Melanie Dimmitt -broadcaster, journalist and editor Melanie is a mum of two and author of her book ‘Special ‘ in which shares the raw experience of coming to terms with her son Arlo’s cerebral palsy diagnosis. Melanie also works for HireUp as an advocate and produces a magazine The Blend Lifestyle for the tube feeding community.

Episode 2 – Sev’s Amazing Journey

Sevastine Katsakis joins co-hosts Dr Lisa Interligi and Kristine Christopoulos to chat about her amazing journey from being a patient at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital to joining forces with her childhood therapists to improve mental health and wellbeing of children and young adults with cerebral palsy at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute’s CP-Achieve.

Episode 1 – Being Intimate

Chantelle Otten is an experienced and certified Psycho-Sexologist, Scientist, and Sex and Relationship Expert. She is an expert in educating and supporting people with disabilities with sexual health. Host Kristine Christopoulos chats Chantelle about topics from a parent’s perspective such as safety and consent, education and the right to experience.


Raising a child with a developmental delay or a disability, you can feel overwhelmed or lost about how and where to get help. Podcast hosts Dr Lisa Interligi and Kristine Christopoulos share their personal journeys and the power of their parent network in raising their sons with additional needs. With special guests, they explore a range of topics relevant from birth to young adults to answer questions and share tips to create a podcast community of support for other parents and carers.
Dr lisa interligi

Dr. Lisa Interligi

Founder of Loop Me In, Lisa is mother of two adult sons, one of whom- Louis, has autism.

Lisa has been able to balance her career as an executive and psychologist with the support of her family, and community of mothers and carers.

She says that at periods in Louis’ life when she was at her wits end, someone stepped forward with advice, information or support that helped her and her family through the challenging times.

Lisa believes that raising children takes a village and wants Loop Me In to become that understanding and supportive village for fellow parents and carers of young people with disabilities.

Kris Christopoulos

Kristine Christopoulos

Kristine is a mother of three children. When son Mathew was 2 years old it was discovered that he had a disability but the exact diagnosis was unknown. At this time Kristine and her husband were advised by doctors to raise Mathew with lots of love, happiness and resilience, advice which they have lived by.

Mathew, now 21, is a happy and social young man who loves his friends and works part time at his family’s seafood business.

Recently, Mathew received a diagnosis of Malan Syndrome. Whilst this diagnosis has helped Mathew’s family to understand the implications of his rare condition, it was really the support of family and friends to give Kristine the strength and knowledge to get him to where he is today.

Today, Kristine provides support to other parents of children with Malan Syndrome and aims to share her knowledge and experience through Loop Me In to support the broader parent and carer community.

Most Recent Episodes

Season 4

Season 3

Season 3

Episode 2- For Our Children- Parents On NDIS

The recently elected Australian Government campaigned on a collaboration with people with a disability to review effectiveness of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This forum discusses the views on NDIS from the special position of parents and their role as first line carers.

Season 3

Episode 1- Accessible Fashion

Hosts Dr Lisa Interligi and Kristine Christopoulos kick off Season 3 with another pair of entrepreneurs. Occupational Therapists Emma and Molly founded accessible fashion label Jam The Label which designs for the needs of young people with disabilities and the fashion conscious, recently showing at Australian Fashion Week.

Season 2

Season 2

Episode 5- Fleur Takes Over

Our guest from Season 2 episode 4 ‘Fierce Fleur’ was Fleur Armstrong. She expressed an interest in podcasting, so we wanted to give her some experience. This episode she takes over as host and interviews Tim Marchinton from Adventure Therapy company – Purple Soup.

Season 2

Episode 4- Fierce Fleur

Fierce Fleur Armstrong talks to hosts Dr Lisa Interligi and Kristine Christopoulos about how after a car accident at 19 she overcame a prognosis of being in a persistent vegetative state to setting her sights on being a podcaster.

Season 1

Season 1

Episode 6- Through My Eyes

Ally joins hosts Dr Lisa Interligi and Kristine Christopoulos to share her experience of growing up with a disability, making friends, going to school and getting a job.

Season 1

Episode 5 – Skills for Life

Hosts Dr Lisa Interligi and Kristine Christopoulos welcome guest Nicola Millar, Occupational Therapist, to talk about helping young people with disabilities develop skills for life.